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04 - 06 Apr 2019
Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre
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After the Event

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After The Event

Now is the time to follow through all of the new opportunities you’ve generated.

  1. De-brief the team
  2. When you get back to the office, sit down with the stand staff and key managers. Do an honest assessment of what worked and what didn’t. Your staff’s insights are a valuable asset, especially while their impressions are still fresh.

  3. Measure your results
  4. Remember your specific, measurable goals? Now is the time to measure your success against them. If you exceeded your goals, try to determine why, so you can replicate that success at the next show. If you fell short, figure out what you could do better.

  5. Track the leads
  6. Don’t just evaluate your results immediately after the event. Many companies do written lead-tracking reports three, six and even nine months after a major exhibition to track the new contacts right through to the bottom line.

  7. Follow up all contacts
  8. Every visitor to your stand should receive a timely follow-up. The degree of follow-up will depend on the classification of the contact, ranging from a simple thank-you letter to a sales visit, phone call or information pack.

  9. Follow through on all press releases
  10. Call all the editors you mailed your press releases to or who visited you on your stand. Ask if there’s any more information they might need. Tell them of your successes at the show.

  11. Reserve a place for next year!
  12. If you’ve met or exceeded your goals, now is the time to lock in a prime location at the next event. Visit the Show Sales Office, or make sure you see a floorplan so you can reserve your stand early. We can help you with this! If you would like to talk to the Australian Auto Aftermarket Expo team about booking a stand for next year call 03 9596 9205 or email auto@iecgroup.com.au to discuss any available options.

  13. Write a final report
  14. Summarise the results achieved against the goals you set. Share the report with key managers from sales, marketing and top management.